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Fostering a culture of care

Only with exceptional people can you deliver exceptional care. We go out of our way to employ only those who are motivated to help others; whose natural instinct is to make life more enjoyable and meaningful for those in their care. In return for their hard work and commitment we provide extensive training, as well as investing in certification and diplomas, so everyone can fulfil their potential and be rewarded for the difference they make. We are proud to have received recognition through Investors in People.


I enjoy working at OC to make the residents feel at home. The residents learn to trust me and we are then able to reassure and support them. We use new technologies like tablet computers – this has helped with looking at old photographs and listening to music which really helps with reminiscing. Training here is really important – in 2 years I have achieved my Level 2 diploma and my apprenticeship in Health and Social Care and am now a team leader.


I really enjoy engaging with the residents – they have so much to say and I know that I will learn something new every day. Everyone enjoys having conversations – trust builds up on both sides and this enables them to be confident in talking to me so I can reassure them if they have any problems or worries.


I am deputy manager at Windmill House and have been here for just over six years. Before I was offered this job I worked as an NHS district nurse, spending a lot of time in care homes.

The atmosphere here is something quite special. I really like the way that everyone – residents and staff – get on almost like one big family!


I always wanted to work in the care sector, so when I completed my A-Levels I jumped at the opportunity to work at Osbourne Court.

I particularly appreciate the time that is devoted to building strong relationships with residents. I really enjoy getting to know them personally – chatting about the job they used to do, the activities they enjoy and all those kinds of things.

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