Dementia specialism

A more personal approach to dementia care

At our Osbourne Court care home, we have dedicated facilities and specialist staff caring for people with any of the different forms of dementia, including Vascular, Lewy Body and Alzheimers.

Each individual is assigned a ‘key worker’ – someone who takes responsibility for introducing them to other residents, coordinating their daily activities and liaising with family members. They also play an important role in care reviews and ensure full involvement of family members in this process.

We tailor care to build on each individual’s strengths and abilities, so that their independence and feeling of wellbeing is maximised. This is based on regular, formal assessments, starting before a potential resident moves here and then held at least every six months.

We are experienced at working effectively with healthcare professionals, including GPs,  the Memory Service and other specialist community nurses.

We go to great lengths to maintain good communication and help each resident do all that they can for themselves. We use ‘reminiscence time’ to draw out more insights from their life story, going deeper into each individual’s  strengths, skills and interests, so we can engage them in activities which make them feel more empowered.

Menu planning is an important part of how we care for residents. We make sure that fresh fruit and vegetables feature in everyone’s diet. We also make sure that dishes are visually appealing as well as tasting delicious, so every mealtime remains a pleasure.

But most of all, we believe that where we can really contribute to a good quality of life is through the caring attitude of our staff. You can read more about how we select and train the best care staff for our homes.


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