How we care

Working hard to provide enjoyment and meaning in life

At Windmill Care, we have a culture quite different to many organisations. We believe that staff, who are attentive to the individual people in their care, do far more for their well-being and happiness than in settings where the focus is on completing tasks and processes. At the same time we reward attention to detail and are uncompromising where health and medical care is concerned.

Fulfilling activities

We believe it is important that you can continue doing the little things you have always enjoyed, as well as sharing new activities with friends.

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Dementia Specialism

Our specialists lead staff in all the different measures and activities that can help slow the onset of dementia and raise quality of life.

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Enticing Meals

Our chefs are proud to create a menu of healthy meals, providing options that are appealing for each of the individuals in our care.

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Devoted Staff

We have truly exceptional care home managers, who lead staff in a culture where respect and compassion are properly rewarded.

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